Running in China's State Grid, Southern Power Grid, Inner Mongolia Power Grid, Alliander, Iberdrola, Enel, Italy, Chile Electric Power Company
Fifty-nine national power companies, including Enersis, have been unanimously recognized by their customers.

Overall Solution Ability

    Safety and reliability; Energy saving and environmental protection; Beautiful appearance; Modularization, miniaturization and intelligence.
    It has a national technology center and a national testing center. Eight new products have won national, provincial and ministerial prizes for scientific and technological progress. Many products have been listed in the national torch project. R&D costs account for more than 3% of annual sales. The company has established various specialized research institutes and cooperated with Shanghai Institute of Electrical Appliance Science. By adopting matrix management and project management mode, the company has realized the immediate connection between scientific research results and market demand, and continuously introduced new products to meet customer needs, such as N7 and N8 series products.
    With advanced automatic production lines and assembly lines, the continuity and stability of product manufacturing process are ensured. The products are integrated on the simulation software platform, and the simulation of intelligent electrical appliances is realized in the computer, which can better support the research and development of high-performance electrical appliances and innovative design of products.
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