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Qingdao LED Lighting & Display Technology Exhibition 2019

click: 2019-01-18

Qingdao LED Lighting & Display Technology Exhibition 2019
At the same time: the 19th Qingdao Advertising Technology and Equipment Exhibition, 2019
Qingdao Digital Logo and Exhibition Equipment Exhibition 2019
Exhibition time: February 23-25, 2019
Venue: Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 9 Miaoling Road, Laoshan District)
Organizers: Qingdao Logo Industry Association, Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center, Qingdao International Exhibition Business Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Recruitment Unit: Guangzhou Huaya Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
I. Introduction to the Exhibition
Due to the sustained growth of macro-economy, the support of national industrial policy and the breakthrough of LED technology, the domestic LED industry has developed rapidly. With the continuous progress of LED technology and the gradual expansion of downstream applications, especially the rapid development of the LED lighting market, the entire LED industry has accelerated growth momentum. At present, it has been widely used in display screen, landscape decoration, traffic signal, street lighting, vehicle lighting, household electronic consumption and backlight. Driven by the downstream market demand, according to relevant data, domestic LED output is expected to reach 80.1 billion yuan in 2017.
Qingdao is the leading city in the economic development of Shandong Peninsula, the world-famous "sailing capital" and "brand capital", the most active city in economic exchanges between China, Japan and Korea, and the host city of the 2014 World Horticultural Exposition. Under the strategic guidance of Qingdao Municipal Government to build an excellent exhibition city and cultivate a brand exhibition, the 2018 Qingdao LED Lighting and Display Technology Exhibition will bring together the latest technologies and products of LED and lighting industry; the Organizing Committee will also invite real estate, architectural decoration, municipal engineering, street lamp management, star hotels, advertising companies, government departments, LED lighting industry in the surrounding areas of Shandong Province. Manufacturers, distributors and construction units of the industry visited the conference to discuss and exchange cooperation. Welcome relevant manufacturers to participate in the exhibition and visit, win-win business opportunities.
II. Scope of Exhibition
LED manufacturing equipment and testing equipment: dispensing machine, glue filling machine, patch machine, crystal fixing machine, reflow welding, wave soldering, winding machine, color separation/spectrometer, spectrum detection instrument, laser equipment, moisture-proof cabinet, purification equipment and other automatic production equipment;
LED packaging: epitaxy and chip, packaging technology, packaging glue, diode, patch LED, high-power LED, digital tube, lattice module, silicon, aluminum substrate, bracket, IC, capacitor resistance, LED/OLED and other applications and technologies.
LED lighting: LED indoor/outdoor lighting, high-power LED lighting, LED display screen, monochrome, double primary color display screen, module module module, traffic lights, driving and control system, etc.
Outdoor lighting areas: square lighting, public lighting, commercial lighting, professional lighting, decorative lighting, building floodlighting, gymnasium lighting, landscape lighting, industrial and mining lighting, fence lights, wall washing lights, optical fiber lights, moisture-proof lights, explosion-proof lights, etc.
Energy-saving lamp series products: high-power searchlight, T5/T8/T10L, wall lamp, metal halide lamp, spiral series, etc.
Electric light source products: new general lighting bulbs, halogen tungsten bulbs, energy-saving bulbs, fluorescent lamps, lamps, all kinds of radiation light sources, etc.
Professional lighting and supporting equipment: neon lights, stage, film, television lighting, dimming control equipment and various light control devices;
Lighting electrical accessories: electronic components, terminals, optical products, radiators, wires and cables, ballasts, triggers, transformers, control boxes, insulation materials, lamp poles, lamp arms, lamp shades, lamp panels, lamp holders, lamp holders, etc.
III. Selection of Exhibitors and Fee Standards
1. Standard booth (3 x 3 = 9):7800 yuan/9
Standard booths include: exhibition venues, three or two exhibition boards, a table, two chairs, power supply
One socket (220V 500W) and the production of enterprise lintel board.
2. Indoor open space (36 from rent): 800 yuan/
The indoor space is designed by the exhibitors themselves without any exhibits or power supply. Special installation management fee: 20 yuan per square meter.
IV. Expo Magazine, Name of Conference, Sponsorship, Live Advertising
Project Specification Price/Quantity/Quantity
Cover 140*210 160001 pages exclusively named 100 000 1 well-known enterprises
18m 50001 group of arch doors with 140*210 14000 1 pages on the back cover of conference journals
Outdoor Advertising 5 m 10m 15000 One-sided
Page 3 140*210 60001 Admission Ticket Advertisements 210*90 0002
Coloured pages 140*210 40001 pages of seminars 70-120 people 60001
V. Supporting the Media
Discovery Resources, Jinshang Network, Alibaba, China Lighting Network, Mingwan Network, High-tech LED, China LED Advertising and Lighting Network, LED Global Online, International LED Information Network, Lighting China Network, 66LED Navigation Network, International LED Network, Landscape Lighting Network, led Lighting Network, LED World Information Network, China Logo, China LED Network, China LED Engineering Network, China LED Special Issue, LED World On-line LED, China LED Lamp Network, Semiconductor Lighting Network, Asian Lighting Media, etc.
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Qingdao LED Lighting & Display Technology Exhibition 2019